St Chad Maquette

Currently in the Lady Chapel of Lichfield Cathedral, visitors have the opportunity to view the maquette of a new Statue of Saint Chad coming soon to Lichfield.   The Statue shall be cast in Bronze and will be 3 metres tall.  It shall be the first Sculpture in centuries to be located permanently in the Cathedral grounds.

In this brand new depiction of Saint Chad the maquette shows the story of Chad stepping forwards spreading the word of God and bringing Christianity to the people of Mercia.  Humbly dressed in robes with his gospel in hand, his ethereal quality is evident in this new depiction of the Saint.

“The sculpture has been designed to be approachable, reflective and to show the humility that resonates from the story of this historic figure. I look forward to people following the development of this sculpture; giving people access is a key element to this project”. 

Peter Walker, Sculptor, Artist in residence 2016-2020





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