External Sculptures

This magnificent example of Gothic architectural design shows the front of the cathedral as a large screen of statues standing as if on tiers, layering the façade. The lowest tier depicts the twelve apostles, there are depictions of the four evangelists, together with Moses and Aaron and in the middle over the doorway entrance you can observe the figure of Mary and Jesus.  Then you will see that the second tier of statues is made up of kings from Israel, Judah or England.  St Chad may be seen in the middle of this tier.   In the tier above him there are two rows of statues apparently depicting prophets, and judges.

Now visitors can also see the new Bronze statue of Saint Chad by Peter Walker Sculptor.

To view a list of all the Exterior Statues on Lichfield Cathedral from 1877-84 click the following link: SCULPTURES OF LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL 1877 to 84 by Derek Rudge

(Information gathered by Derek Rudge and produced by Eric Harding)

To view a list of the Stonemasons and sculptors associated with the statues on the Exterior of Lichfield Cathedral click on the following link:

Exterior statues by Derek Rudge

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