Sculpture, Public art and other publicly accessible artwork in Lichfield- The artworks are arranged in order so that they can be followed in accordance with the Lichfield Sculpture Trail – or enjoyed individually.

1. The Cathedral

2. Sailor Sculpture

3. The Erasmus Darwin Monument ‘E Conchis Omnia’

4. Edward VII

5. Captain Smith

6. Plaque of the Martyrs

7. Lichfield War Memorial

8. Dr Johnson Mosaic

9.  The Reading Girl

10. Noah and the Dove

11. Samuel Johnson Monument

12. Boswell

13. The Formation of Poetry

14. Spring Waters Memorial

15. Nautilus

16. Peace Woodland

Further Works in and around Lichfield

Refer to the City of Sculpture digital map to locate further works such as:

Darwin Walk Sculpture

Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum







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